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Chances are if you've been hurt by someone in the past (a caregiver in childhood or a partner in an intimate relationship) your tendency is to put up WALLS during difficult conversations or instances where feelings are brought up. 

WALLS are a survival mechanism we have learned in order to protect ourselves. That's why they are so hard to let down. They have kept us safe in the past. However, when walls stay up, they also keep other people out, potential healthy interactions, reparative moments and partners worth our love and vulnerability. 

BOUNDARIES are a way of sharing your feelings and thoughts while also asserting important wants and needs. Boundaries share emotions while also sharing limits about safety, stability, etc. If you are in a safe situation to do so, we encourage you try a boundary statement instead of a wall statement in order to allow some vulnerability in while still asserting what is best for you. 

Relationship Roadmap

See change in the three areas your current or past relationship need it the most: Attachment, Communication and Intimacy/Sex. Get tools that WORK without the therapy price tag AND from the comfort of your own home.


This is a self-paced (pre-recorded) workshop with prompts (activities) throughout for you to engage in with a partner or do solo. 

This workshop is great for couples who may be on the fence about starting therapy but are aware they need things to change in their relationship.

The workshop is also helpful for understanding what went wrong in past relationships, identifying unhealthy communication patterns and what a potential healthy relationship can look like in the future (because you deserve it!)

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How couples therapy works + Past experiences + How attachment styles can impact the way we relate in relationships!

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Maintaining desire in long-term relationships + Tips on opening up a previously closed relationship!

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Real Issues & What to do Next

Liking Your Partner

Sharing the Workload

Relationship Game Changers

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