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for residents of California only

Rachel Facio

Stacey Sherrell

Decoding Couples does not provide psychotherapy or therapeutic services. For more information on obtaining individual or couples therapeutic services in the state of California, please contact Rachel or Stacey directly through the links above.  

Additional Referrals 

Individual & Couples Therapy 

Please consider the referral sites and databases below if you are looking for therapeutic support / services for yourself or your partner. While Decoding Couples does their best to provide quality referral sources, we highly encourage you to do your own research when contacting any provider and confirming important elements such as: fees, assessment process, predicted length of treatment and qualifications/licensing. 


There are many quality therapist finder websites. These are ones we recommend frequently. 

You can search for therapist by location, specialty, insurance/fee, gender of therapist, etc. 

Take advantage of free consult calls to find the best fit for YOU!

Where To Start

Good Therapy

Therapy Den

Open Path Collective *Low Fee Options

Referral Sites

More Questions?

If you have more specific questions about referrals feel free to email us directly.


If you are a provider looking to be apart of our referral network, send us an email with your credentials, location & website.

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