Relationship Roadmap! LIVE Workshop

Relationship Roadmap! LIVE Workshop


"We keep fighting about the same stuff over and over again!" "We don't have sex that much anymore...are we normal?" "Why do they shut down when I try to talk to them about how I feel?" If any of this sounds familiar, this workshop is for YOU. 


See change in the three areas couples need it most: Attachment, Communication and Intimacy/Sex. Get tools that WORK without the therapy price tag AND from the comfort of your own home.


Space is limited to allow opportunities for live demonstrations, Q & A and more! Trust us.. no one is reading off a powerpoint in this workshop! 


WHEN: 3/21/2021 @ 10am-12noon PST 

WHERE: Wherever you are, via Zoom!

WHO: Stacey Sherrell & Rachel Facio aka Decoding Couples & YOU 

WHAT: LIVE Workshop + Handouts



"What if I can't attend the workshop live?"

     - We got you! A recorded verision will be available for purchase, with handouts, after workshop date. 

"Does my partner need to attend with  me, or can I come alone?"

    - Whatever works for you! Come together, come alone, come in sweats, if it works for you, it works for us!

"I don't live in California, can I attend the workshop?"

     - Yup! This workshop is NOT therapy, you can attend from any state, country, time zone, or planet!

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