Your Relatable Relationship Experts

Decoding Couples came from a place we both found ourselves in at one point or another in our relationships: we needed help but we weren't ready for full blown couples therapy...and neither were our partners.


We felt overwhelmed and alone, but that didn't change the fact that we still needed support..just at our own pace.


We quickly realized we weren't the only ones who could benefit from this in-between space for ourselves and relationships - so Decoding Couples was born! 



When I'm not trying to figure out how to load a reel on Instagram for Decoding Couples,  I'm working with couples and individuals at Aspire Therapeutic Services - my private  practice in Glendale, California.


I specialize in supporting couples with intimacy barriers, communication hot spots and rebuilding trust after relational trauma (infidelity, attachment ruptures, etc.) I have advanced training in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) which allows me to take a deeper dive with my couples and make real change happen. 

Outside of the office I am usually thinking about food (sushi is my vice) or having a dance party with my partner and our two children. In my free time I binge on reality TV and garden (growing our own veggies is the only way my kids actually eat veggies). My sarcasm gets me in trouble sometimes but Stacey keeps me in line :) 

Stacey Sherrell

I run a private practice from our beautiful suite in Glendale, CA. I work with individuals who are going through life transitions, grief/loss, anxiety, depression and trauma and are looking to heal and make changes. I am trained in EMDR for trauma work and am currently training in EFT for couples.

When I'm not in office, I am at home with my daughter and husband searching for rollie pollies and making some toddler friendly version of a healthy muffin. I am all for Bravo and never turn down a night of laughing with a safe distance of course.