get the support your relationship deserves

self paced & lifetime access 

get the support your relationship deserves

self paced & lifetime access 

have you ever wondered...

  • I picture a future with this person, but I’m nervous if we want the same things out of life…
  • Are we just going to repeat the same mistakes our parents made?
  • What if our needs and wants for our future are just too different?
  • Issues with intimacy make me concerned about the long run...
  • What if the mental load never balances out at home?

That's why we created BTNS!

after this course you will...

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  • Feel confident knowing how to move forward with the next major decision in your relationship.
  • Have a deeper understanding of your partner on topics that MATTER for your future individually and as a couple.
  • Have a clear picture of where changes need to be made, what areas feel safe and secure together, and what you need to have further conversations about!

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Before the Next Step

does this feel or sound familiar?

  • "The situation feels hopeless. We are better at hurting each other than understanding one another."
  • "We don't always listen to hear what the other is saying, sometimes we only listen to respond & it usually ends in a big blow out fight."
  • "We get lost in "that's not what i said " arguments."
  • "He easily shuts down and I'm gonna keep asking to talk, keep picking at the issue until I get a response..and it's ruining us..." need the Relationship Roadmap!

This course will help you.

  • work through issues rather than avoid them
  • Increase emotional safety in your relationship aka you will seen and heard
  • top walking on eggshells with each other
  • Feel like you and your partner are on the same team
  • increase connection and intimacy (inside and outside the bedroom) 

what real people are saying about

relationship roadmap

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