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Stop Fighting
Start Talking

learn why you're stuck on previous fightseach partner's role and

how to finally start healing

the hurt in your relationship!


In this FREE masterclass you will learn...

Each partner's role during these convos

(yep we are holding you both accountable!)

The #1 mistake you are making during these talks and how to
start fixing it TODAY

Why you get stuck in these fights in the first place!

How to start verbalizing & acknowledging the pain these fights have caused!
(even if you’ve been
having these same fights
for 2 weeks or 2 years!)

How to start these conversations the RIGHT way!


Who We Are

Rachel Facio & Stacey Sherrell are relationship experts AND licensed marriage & family therapists…..who have overcome obstacles in their own relationships and now help other couples do the same!


Not only are they trained to do this, but they’ve been through it..which means they know what it REALLY takes to turn a relationship around.



stay till the end of this masterclass to get….

bonus scripts on what to say and what NOT
to say during these tough conversations

a fool proof flowchart so you feel
confident in the moment having these talks

an exclusive offer you won’t
be able to snag anywhere else!

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